About Us

The North Carolina Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization, 501(c)(6), devoted to promoting the advancement and economic development  of Hispanic businesses and professionals in the North Carolina region. We accomplish this through hosting educational programs, and a broad range of services and special events.

The North Carolina Hispanic Chamber proactively serves a diverse membership—consisting of entrepreneurs, Latino businesses, Latino professionals, corporations and other non-profit agencies—with the overriding goal of helping these critical constituencies capitalize on the many opportunities created by their diversity and enhanced by  the offering of our Latino multicultural mix.



To advocate, promote and facilitate the success of Hispanic businesses and provide support, market intelligence and contacts for non-Hispanic businesses trying to reach the Hispanic community.

To be recognized as the premier resources organization and voice servicing Hispanic businesses as well as the major force of positive change in the Latino business community.


  • To promote programs, events, resources and activities aimed at improving the economic development of Hispanics in the region
  •  To operate as a bridge for large organizations to connect with the Hispanic business community
  • To support other organizations that recognizes individual cultures and promotes Hispanic integration allowing for the preservation of the Hispanic heritage
  • To recognize the achievement of Hispanic individuals and companies that have a positive influence in our community.


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